Top 10 Reasons to River Cruise

15 November 2021

For those that have experienced river cruising it is easy to understand why it has become so popular. But those of you that have never been on a River Cruise may be wondering what all the excitement is about.  Here we give you the top 10 reasons to ensure that a River Cruise is your next holiday.

Hassle-free Experience - You board a luxurious ship, unpack once and relax in true comfort while you sail from one destination to the next with plenty of time at each port of call.  River Cruises are far more casual and relaxed.

A Better Way to Explore - The smaller size of a River Ship enables them to dock right in the heart of cities and towns - you can literally walk straight off the ship and into the town.  Often referred to as boutique hotels on water, river cruise ships provide all the amenities of a luxury hotel, AND they move – from one destination to the next.

Truly Intimate - Most river ships accommodate between 150-300 guests, some even fewer. This brings fellow passengers together, making it easier to get to know each other and make friends, plus you have greater access to the attentive crew.

Luxurious Accommodation - The staterooms on board are spacious and contemporary.  Within each stateroom, there are luxury amenities such as a flat-screen TV, internet access (often complimentary), a refrigerator, bathrobes, slippers and other ‘hotel style’ amenities.

Ever-changing Scenery - With a new port of call every day comes more breath-taking scenery; whether you’re in the pool, on your private balcony or even in the restaurant, you are guaranteed to see the beautiful scenes that pass you by as you sail smoothly along the river. From hillside vineyards to medieval castles, you really can expect fairy-tale scenery! 

Submerged in Culture - A river cruise provides a real insight into the local cultures.  The tours and excursions provided are excellent, led by experts who take you to the heart of the culture and history behind each destination!

Forget About Motion Sickness - You won't be sailing out into the open ocean, there are no waves to worry about! PLUS the flat-bottomed ships provide a smooth and pleasant journey.

First Class Service - The staff literally cannot do enough for you; the attention to detail you receive from the highly trained staff is outstanding! 

Shore Excursions Included - River Cruise itineraries feature an awesome variety of complimentary, immersive tours; giving you the opportunity to visit famous landmarks and learn of the local history! 

Value for Money - You’ll be amazed at what’s included! In fact, most river cruises are now all-inclusive.

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