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Pacific Islands

Pacific Islands 7

Relaxation, Escapism and Culture

Surrounded by beautiful turquoise lagoons, palm-fringed white sandy beaches and vibrant coral reefs and atolls, the many islands of the Pacific entice travellers from all corners of the globe. From warm, sunny days to the bright smiling faces of the locals, discover your own piece of paradise.


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Pacific Island Experiences

Whale Watching

Between the months of May and September, Humpback whales arrive in the southern Pacific Islands of New Caledonia, Niue, Tahiti and Tonga to frolic and nurse their new calves. Watch as these gentle giants splash and breach close to shore. The best land viewing points in Tonga are the small islands with Tongatapu and the cliffs of Eua. In Niue, head to any of the limestone cliffs that surround the island or Grande Terre in New Caledonia.

Overwater Villas

The Pacific Islands offer some of the most unique overwater villas in the world. Imagine walking out onto your deck, descending the ladder and plunging straight into the turquoise lagoon. Relax with a cocktail and listen to the sound of the water gently lapping beneath you. Wake up each day to ocean views right on your doorstep. For a truly indulgent experience, stay in an overwater villa in Tahiti, New Caledonia, Vanuatu or Samoa.

Cultural Experience

South Pacific Islanders are proud of their traditional culture and way of life, making every visitor feel right at home with their bright smiles and warm hospitality. Watch on as boys jump into manhood from a towering platform on Pentecost Island in Vanuatu or be greeted by the local Tahitians as they welcome you to their ‘slice of heaven’. In many parts of the South Pacific weekly cultural night with fire performances, kava ceremonies and a traditional feast are a highlight.


There are few experiences as exhilarating as surfing in the crystal-clear waters of the Pacific Islands. Surfing the Pacific is not for beginners – here you’ll find some of the most challenging reef breaks with powerful waves and hollow barrels. The water is so clear and the sea life so plentiful that you can watch all the action beneath you, as you wait for the next set. For some of the best surfing spots, check out Tongatapu in Tonga, Savai’i and Upolu in Samoa and Efate in Vanuatu. For the biggest and best surf, visit between May and October.

Aquatic Playground

Waterfalls, natural blowholes and coral reefs are all part of the wonder of the Pacific Islands. Swim in the clear water of the ‘Moorea Lagoonarium’ in Tahiti. Snorkel among the colourful coral in the ‘Lagoons of New Caledonia’. Explore Tonga’s turquoise pools and underwater caverns. On Niue, stand on Ana’ana Point and watch on as the surf is forced up through the Blowholes, jetting 30 metres into the air. For a unique adventure in Samoa, take a dip in the swimming holes that surround ‘Togitogiga Falls’.

Tracks & Walks

Dotted around each of the Pacific Islands are well sign-posted tracks and scenic walks. See the spectacular Talava Arches limestone formations and the extensive cave systems of Avaiki and Limu, as you hike around Niue. Walk high above the lush, tropical Falealupo rainforest on the Canopy Walkway in Samoa. For the more adventurous, climb to the top of Mount Yasar Volcano on Tanna Island in Vanuatu. From the safety of the crater rim, experience the fireworks of molten lava erupting day or night. It is most spectacular in the evening.

Active Adventures

For a rural adrenaline rush, head inland over the rough trails to Opunchu on an ATV quad bike in Tahiti. In Tonga, be guided through bush trails, villages, forests and plantations on similar vehicle. Take your breath away and whoosh through the treetops on a zipline experience in New Caledonia or Moorea’s lush mountain terrain. For a quieter pace, explore spectacular tropical jungle and waterfalls on horseback in Vanuatu or jump onto a mountain bicycle or cruiser in Niue and cycle to numerous local attractions, remote beaches and swimming coves.

Snorkelling & Diving

Snorkel and dive in the crystal clear water around each Pacific Island and discover the incredible, colourful coral reefs bursting with captivating marine life. Snorkel beneath the waves to explore the rich coral formation and plentiful sea life in Niue or dive the popular and incredible assortment of shipwreck site in New Caledonia. Discover sea turtles, tuna, marlin and even Whale sharks in the oceans surrounding Tonga. Home to stunning reefs and diverse marine life, Vanuatu’s teeming waters offer a perfect diving and snorkelling destination.

Island Hopping

There are countless numbers of smaller islands peppered throughout the Pacific. For a relaxing day out, why not head out to Fafa Island in Tonga. Enjoy a picnic and relax under a fale on a stretch of white sand beach.  Join a day tour and visit Duck Island, Amadee Island or kayak between islands off the coast in New Caledonia. In Vanuatu, try Lelepa and Pole Island. However, if one day is not enough, why not stay a little longer. Consider the Isle of Pines, Escapade Island and Ouvea Island in New Caledonia or Iririki and Aore Islands in Vanuatu, just to name a few.

Markets & Shopping

Head to the markets for locally made souvenirs and handicrafts. While in Samoa, make your way to the Apia Markets for handcrafted wood carvings and brightly coloured sarongs. Visit the Port Vila fresh food markets in Vanuatu and check out the Friday night food markets in Alofi in Niue. Shop for black pearls at the Papeete Market in Tahiti and visit the Port Moselle Markets in Noumea. New Caledonia, Tahiti and Vanuatu have several shopping malls filled with fashion, souvenirs and local food to suit all tastes.

Popular Locations

Pacific Islands 11


Each of the 10 islands of Samoa offer something different.  See rugged volcano one day and sparkling lagoons with white sandy beaches the next.

See & Do:

  • Visit the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum and learn about the famous Scottish poet and author.
  • Watch the water explode metres into the air from the powerful Alofaaga Blowholes.
  • Swim in To Sua Ocean Trench – a large 30 metre-deep swimming hole surrounded by lush gardens.
  • Slide down the naturally formed smooth Papase’ea Sliding Rocks into cool swimming waterholes.
Pacific Islands 13


With more than 118 Islands spread across 5 archipelagos, Tahiti evokes a sense of romance, escapism and indulgence.  The picturesque islands of Bora Bora and Moorea have some of the world’s most beautiful lagoons, with crystal-clear warm water and pure white sand, surrounded by dramatic green mountain peaks.

See & Do:

  • See a large array of manta rays and reef sharks in the clear turquoise waters of Bora Bora.
  • Enjoy a traditional Polynesian Dance Show.
  • Treat yourself to the purchase of an elegant black Tahitian pearl.
  • Dive straight from the deck of your overwater bungalow into the clear blue waters below.
Pacific Islands 15


Mix island relaxation with once-in-a-lifetime adventures when you visit Vanuatu.  Relax on a white sand beach, zipline through the rainforest, or visit one of the island’s many natural wonders, including the hillside pools of Mele Cascades and the stunning Blue Holes of Espiritu Santo.

See & Do:

  • Observe a land-diving ritual on Pentecost Island where tribesman jump from bamboo towers with vines tied to their ankles.
  • Watch the Ni-Vanuatu ladies of Santo stand waist deep in water and use their hands to create music.
  • Take a guided tour to the world’s most accessible active volcano on Tanna Island and get within 150 metres of the crater rim.
  • Wander through Port Villa’s fresh produce markets for a local experience.
Pacific Islands 12


A kingdom of white sandy beaches, coconut groves and some of the best fishing in the South Pacific.  Make your way around each of the three main island groups for incredible and unique experiences. 

See & Do:

  • See the mysterious Ha’amonga ‘a Maui Trilithon, known as the Polynesian Stonehenge.
  • View the spectacular family owned ‘Ene’io Botanical Garden in Tu’anekivale village
  • Hire a kayak for the day and explore the offshore islands where you may spot whales, dolphins and turtles.
  • Walk along Tongatapu’s south coast to view the amazing Mapu’a ‘a Vaea Blowholes where water catapults 30 metres into the air.
Pacific Islands 14


Discover this charming island with it’s warm and welcoming locals.  Niue lays claim to being one of the safest islands in the world.  The island is a raised atoll so there are plenty of underwater caverns, swimming coves and colourful reefs to discover and explore.  

See & Do:

  • Take in the colourful reef flats, turquoise rock pools and caverns at Avaiki Cave.
  • Watch the waves crash into the three large rock formations known as the Talava Arches.
  • Spend a day hiking the rugged landscape to Togo Chasm, passing through one of the oldest exposed coral fields.
  • Watch whales and dolphins frolic metres from the shore.
Pacific Islands 16

New Caledonia

Where the French Riviera meets the South Pacific.  With its white sand beaches, turquoise waters and mountain rainforests combined with a rich blend of French and Melanesian cultures, New Caledonia offers the perfect island holiday.

See & Do:

  • View an exciting cultural performance at the popular weekly evening carnival at Place des Cocotiers, Noumea.
  • Climb the 247 steps to the top of the 130 year old Lighthouse on Amedee Island.
  • Snorkel around the largest lagoon in the world, Lagoon of New Caledonia, registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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