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USA - Top 10 Places to Visit

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05 July 2022

The United States is a travellers paradise with many popular destinations. Here is our Top 10:

The Grand Canyon, Arizona - Flowing from the Rocky Mountains in the north to the gulf of California in the south, the Colorado River is the carving force behind this chasm. The vastness of this landscape is mind-boggling. It is 277 miles long, a mile deep and 20 miles wide. An experience people will remember for the rest of their lives.

Yellowstone National Park, Monatana/Wyoming/Idaho - Spanning an area of 8,980 sq. km. this park includes lakes, canyons, rivers, mountain ranges and the massive Yellowstone Lake.  Wildlife is also fairly abundant in this protected area. Herds of elk, deer and the north American bison are common even during peak tourist seasons. 

Washington, DC -  Washington, DC is chock full of historic sights: from the Capitol and the White House to the National Mall and Arlington National Cemetery.  The wealth of countless world-class museums including The Smithsonian, National Air and Space Museum, and the National Museum of Natural History.

New York City -  New York is largest city in the United States and is obviously a vibrant and energetic place. There is an incredibly diverse range of things to see and do but no visit is complete without visiting the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square and the massive Central Park.

Las Vegas -  Las Vegas is synonymous with gambling. But it is also a live entertainment hot-spot offering musical concerts, magic shows, comedy clubs and world-class eateries.  Las Vegas also offers high-octane thrills like Indoor Skydiving, go-karting, or zip-lining, and of course thrilling rides at the Stratosphere which is 350 meters high.

Hawaii -  The tropical climate and beautiful sea-shores aren’t the only things you can find in Hawaii. This unique piece of heaven on earth boasts of constantly forming islands, snorkelling and diving, shipwrecks, petroglyphs, otherworldly rock formations, red-dirt roads and rugged hiking trails.  Hawaii is made up of over 100 islands, however there are eight main islands that make up the Hawaiian Islands and each has its own unique features.

Southern California -  Featuring gorgeous beaches, amusement parks, nightlife and entertainment. From San Diego up to LA, Americans love to vacation in sunny SoCal. When it comes to San Diego, the endless stretch of sandy beaches meets rock cliff coves creates the most amazing sunset scenery. In Anaheim, families spend summer vacation at Disneyland and California Adventure. Los Angeles also has its fair share of beaches, museums and unique nightly entertainment at the clubs and theatres. The best part—fresh avocados and cheap authentic Mexican food!

Orlando, Florida -  Between Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld—what’s not to like about Orlando? These monumental parks draw an international crowd that come to see favourites such as the Hogwarts Castle at Universal Islands of Adventure or Disney’s Epcot Centre and Animal Kingdom. Rides, shows and islands of fun can all be found in Orlando.

Alaskan Cruise -  There is something irresistible about the sights from a boat on the Pacific Ocean with an Alaskan Cruise. See the  ice-capped mountains and gorgeous Alaskan landscape along the coast. These cruises leave from Seattle and take you around Glacier Bay to witness magnificent snow and ice features, as you make your way up to Alaska.

New Orleans, Louisiana -  New Orleans is the life of the party every year during Mardi Gras—also known as the Carnival season or ‘Fat Tuesday’. This city goes all out and throws the biggest celebration on the block throughout the bars and clubs of Bourbon Street. New Orleans is home to live jazz music, Cajun cuisine and stunning architecture all year round. The charm of New Orleans is in its delicious and fresh seafood, colourful streets and rich history that draw many visitors to its place along the Gulf of Mexico.

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